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Google Match Types: Know the Basics

PPC advertising can seem daunting at first, but it is necessary to build an online presence for your business.  To successfully reach potential new customers online, marketers must understand how to use match types in their digital campaigns. Utilizing different match types is a great way to control which searches trigger your paid search ad. […]

SEO – Dead or Alive ? | Addressing Google Algo Updates

There has been much discussion recently over recent Google changes and their subsequent impact on the SEO world – well I suppose the updates haven’t been too recent, but, we have received an influx of client inquiries in the last couple weeks as to how SEO is impacted and how clients campaigns are impacted. 1 […]

The disservice provided by Yellow Pages in both online and print advertising and marketing, and the many advantages of a dedicated online agency

This white paper discusses the disadvantages of enrolling in and using Yellow Pages as an effective advertising and marketing medium, both in print and online; as well as the subsequent benefits of working with a firm whose expertise and competence lies principally in online marketing. 1.   With Yellow Pages, a business must enroll in both […]

Local Finder Blurs the Line Between Paid and Organic

What Is Local Finder and What Does It Mean For My Business? When searching for a local business or service on Google a map pops up with what’s known as the three-pack. The three-pack is elusive and exclusive. But like most Google users, I will never be satisfied with just three options, so I inevitably […]

Improve Your PPC Campaign with Ad Extensions

One of the biggest challenges of PPC advertising is delivering the right information to the right audience. Utilizing Google AdWords ad extensions is an effective way to offer additional information by adding links to your ads with no additional cost. Ad extensions offer improved visibility and can be customized for different campaigns. AdWords will show […]